Person-to-person connections for holistic wellbeing

Who is ClearWellness

Seniors treasure their independence — even as that freedom comes with risks of injury or health issues. ClearWellness offers a holistic, person-centric solution, driven by our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches’ personal relationships with seniors and data from a suite of smart devices, all so seniors can live more independently, longer.

ClearWellness for Senior Living

Senior Living Communities

Manage risk while improving quality of life for seniors, especially shut-ins.

ClearWellness for Home


A certified Wellness Coach plays a critical role in a senior’s care circle.

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About ClearWellness

Founded to make 24/7 care possible.

At ClearWellness, we add a human touch with our Wellness Coaches who regularly connect with seniors one-on-one, plus analyze individual monitoring data to create holistic, personalized wellness plans.

Why ClearWellness

It’s all about connections: between seniors and those who care for them, between data and action, and between your objectives and the best ways to preserve independence.

Highly trained Wellness Coaches

Twice a week, a Wellness Coach talks with a senior to check in on their emotional, social and physical wellbeing. They also serve as intermediaries with family and other caregivers, discussing wellness plans and answering questions.

Smart technology that’s simply genius

Unobtrusive devices collect info about a senior’s wellbeing, including falls, sleep patterns, hydration, location, activity levels and more. Coaches review all collected data to inform plans and decisions.

Family-facing information, 24/7

ClearWellness’ easy-to-use app gives caregivers a real-time, detailed view of a loved one’s current state, plus peace of mind knowing that everyone will be automatically notified of any change or crisis situation.

At-a-glance insights dashboard

Designed by ClearWellness specifically to help staff at senior living facilities, our dashboard provides an overview of a senior’s wellness stats and trends, and can easily monitor for areas of concern.

Proven to protect and support

In a 21-month trial, ClearWellness test participants* experienced:

Fewer Falls


below the peer group average

Fewer Hospitalizations


below the peer group average

Increased Activity Rate


increase vs. peer group 3% decline average

*21 month study of a beta group of seniors.

In their own words

“[This service] gives me a greater sense of safety and security.”
— Arthur Gamache

ClearWellness, formerly known as Vimient

Updates and insights

Our experts share up-to-date info on ways to support seniors, plus the latest research and developments.

Curious how ClearWellness fits in?

Contact us about senior support to see how we help seniors stay independent.

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