Supporting at-home life

Enable your loved one to live independently, longer

With ClearWellness, Certified Health and Wellness Coaches develop personalized holistic wellness plans tailored specifically to the needs and goals of your loved one. These plans are informed by an intake assessment, twice-weekly conversations, and data analysis from non-intrusive smart technology. Ultimately, ClearWellness ensures that your loved one can continue living independently, receiving the necessary attention and support to maintain their safety, security, and well-being.

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Wellness Coaches

Independent but not alone

Certified Health and Wellness Coaches play a crucial role in fostering independence and alleviating loneliness. Through personalized support and guidance, they empower seniors to take control of their health and well-being, enabling them to live more independently. Additionally, by providing companionship, encouragement, and opportunities for social engagement, coaches help reduce feelings of loneliness and enhance overall quality of life

  • Twice-weekly phone calls with seniors to help achieve their goals
  • Monthly phone call with the senior’s caregiver and family offers clarity for planning and decision-making
  • Specially certified as Health and Wellness Coaches from the prestigious Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (DSWI), accredited by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC)
  • A vigilant, ongoing connection helps prevent social isolation and depression
Remote technology monitoring

Personalized insight through remote technology

Our Health and Wellness Coaches undergo extensive training in behavior change techniques, motivational skills, and other relevant areas. Additionally, they are proficient in interpreting and analyzing data from smart devices. By leveraging this expertise, coaches utilize the collected physical wellness data to gain insight into a senior’s general health, encompassing not only their physical well-being but also their emotional and social needs. This holistic approach allows for more personalized and effective support to enhance the overall well-being of seniors and peace of mind for caregivers and family.

Immediate insight through technology

Coaches and a senior’s care circle get a full view of general health indicators through unobtrusive, smart technology.

Our Caregiver App

The proprietary ClearWellness app for smart phones delivers insights and updates on loved ones, giving family and caregivers a real-time connection to the observations and data provided by Health and Wellness Coaches.

Digital Scale

Body mass, hydration, and weight tracking help ensure seniors are maintaining a healthy weight.

Smart Watch

Real-time location, activity, and heart rate tracking plus fall detection, with alerts if needed.

Sleep Mat

Tucked under a mattress, this mat measures sleep quality, patterns, and amount of rest.

Proven to protect and support

In a 24-month trial, ClearWellness test participants* experienced:

Mental Well-being

qualitative increase

based on a survey to measure improvemement

Managed Weight


converged toward ideal BMI for elderly of 25–30

Fewer Falls


below the peer group average

*24-month study of a beta group of seniors

In their own words

“[This service] fits in perfectly with the way that we wanted to care for my mother. It has really opened an era of independence for us. It gives you that comfort and peace of mind that was missing.”
— Donnie W.

ClearWellness, formerly known as Vimient

What seniors and caregivers are saying about ClearWellness

“[This service] makes it possible for my Dad to stay safely in his home that he loves so much, that means a lot to me and gives me peace of mind. I wish I would have done it sooner.”

Brenda C.

I’ve been able to live on my own thanks to [this service]. My kids worry less and don’t have to check in on me as often. Plus, I’ve developed trust and friendship with my coach.

Edward V.

“[This service] fits in perfectly with the way that we wanted to care for my mother. It has really opened an era of independence for us. It gives you that comfort and peace of mind that was missing.”

Donnie W.

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