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Proactive senior wellness and lifestyle management service

ClearWellness empowers senior living communities to extend resident stays and elevate quality of care through proactive, personalized wellness monitoring. Through a combination of coach-resident relationship building and intuitive data-collection technology, ClearWellness provides a truly holistic understanding of your residents’ needs.

Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches connect regularly with residents, leveraging insights from these interactions to proactively identify general health risks. This proactive approach enables timely interventions to support resident independence and well-being, granting seniors a greater sense of safety and security.

Countless advantages, for you and your residents

for Independent Living

Enhance the resident experience, streamline operations, and keep families connected with our holistic wellness solution.

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coaches foster meaningful connections through twice-weekly check-ins, gathering invaluable insights for personalized care plans.
  • Non-intrusive data monitoring actively tracks falls, diet, sleep, hydration, and activity levels, enabling proactive intervention.
  • Remote monitoring technology with immediate alert capabilities ensures prompt response to incidents or concerns.
  • User-friendly dashboard provides staff with real-time updates and a centralized overview of resident well-being.
  • Collaborative approach engages your team to encourage social participation and enhance the overall community experience.

Proven to protect and support

In a 24-month trial, ClearWellness test participants* experienced:

Mental Well-being

qualitative increase

based on a survey to measure improvement

Managed Weight


converged toward ideal BMI for elderly of 25–30

Fewer Falls


below the peer group average

*24-month study of a beta group of seniors.

Why Partner with ClearWellness?

Elevate your resident care and create efficiency through seamless connections: between residents and families, between data and actionable insights, and between your goals and proven strategies for promoting independence.

Resident-Focused Experience

ClearWellness keeps families informed while empowering your staff with real-time visibility into residents’ well-being. By proactively monitoring and addressing potential general health changes, you can enhance resident satisfaction, strengthen family communication, and mitigate operational risks.

Expertise You Can Trust

Our highly trained Health and Wellness Coaches are certified by the prestigious Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (DSWI), accredited by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC). These experts are the heart of our offerings, fostering meaningful connections and serving as vital links between residents and their families.

Data-Driven Insights

Access real-time, comprehensive resident data through our user-friendly dashboard. Monitor health trends, review coach notes, and gain valuable insights to inform care strategies and drive better outcomes for your community.

“ClearWellness provides an invaluable layer of continuous monitoring and personalized support, empowering your community to elevate care quality, extend resident stays, and optimize operational efficiency.”
Melissa Rose, RN, CCM, CHC
Director of Wellness Services

Learn how ClearWellness adds proactive senior wellness and lifestyle management to your community.

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