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What is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and what do they do?

Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches develop a deep, meaningful and trust-centered relationship with ClearWellness members through twice-weekly calls. This foundation informs the ongoing development of the member's personalized wellness plan. Our Wellness Coaches also assist in obtaining community resources, responding to fall detection alerts and emergency calls, monitoring wellness signs from the devices provided, and discussing any changes in behaviors and health metrics.

What are the qualifications of a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and how are they certified?

ClearWellness Certified Health and Wellness Coaches complete a National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) Program. NBHWC approved programs meet rigorous, published standards for preparing capable, competent health and wellness coaches.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Upon onboarding a new family, the ClearWellness Health and Wellness Coach will work with them to determine the best course of action the family would like to take in an emergency. If it is deemed appropriate based on the situation presented the Wellness Coach may contact the local non-emergency providers to assist the member further.

If there is a concern or problem, please call 833-846-4368 and our customer service agent will address your needs.


What if this does not work or I do not like the service, is there a contract?

The cost of our service varies, depending on which service, (a) annual or (b) month to month terms you select. Additionally, there are enterprise packages for Independent Living and Assisted Living Facilities. Please contact us today to discuss your situation and receive an estimate.

Are there extra costs for installation, equipment or internet fees?

No. All equipment and installation are included at no cost.


How does the installation and setup work?

A ClearWellness team member will professionally install all devices in your loved one’s home.

We can have a system installed and provide services within a few weeks. On average, it takes about two weeks to complete our intake process and to schedule an installation. It only takes 1-2 hours of actual work time to complete our on-boarding process.

All ClearWellness team members performing installations undergo background checks and follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of your senior during installation.

Does this system require an internet connection?

No. All transmissions of data are via cellular service. This is included in the service fee.

What do you do in the event of a power outage?

Our scale and watch have battery back-up and store data even if the information cannot be transmitted.

Our devices are monitored by our central team to assure they are running appropriately, and the senior member and registered caregivers will be notified of any extended outages.

What if the system is damaged by someone?

ClearWellness will replace or repair broken and/or damaged devices at no additional cost. This is included in the monthly service fee.

What are the smart devices and what do they do?

ClearWellness caregivers utilize our smart devices to monitor ClearWellness members. These smart devices and connected cellular service are provided at no additional cost to you. These devices include:

Smart Watch:

This watch monitors the member's heart rate and physical activity, and it can share their real-time location and activity. It also detects falls and can be used to call ClearWellness in case of emergency. The watch is water-resistant, but we do not recommend bathing or swimming in it.

Body Scale:

The scale is used to monitor weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and hydration.

Sleep Mat:

This thin mat slides neatly between a mattress and box spring. It is used to monitor sleep patterns – including sleep duration, depth, and time spent in and out of bed. We can see if the member has taken a nap or been in and out of bed throughout the night.

ClearWellness Caregiver App:

No Wi-Fi needed. All devices connect via cellular service. The ClearWellness Caregiver App is used by the Certified Health and Wellness Coach to communicate observations and share wellness metrics with their member’s family and caregiving team.

Need support?

Our customer support team is here to help you, every step of the way. From getting answers to your questions, or helping you begin the journey with ClearWellness, let’s talk.

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