ClearWellness partners with Watercrest

ClearWellness Launches Wellness and Lifestyle Management Service with Watercrest

Partnership with senior living community bolsters holistic wellness, personalized care, and resident safety 

ROSEVILLE, Calif. July 8th, 2024 ClearWellness – a leading provider of wellness-based services and safety-focused solutions that enable seniors to live more meaningful lives and remain independent longer, has announced a partnership with Watercrest at Mansfield. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life for seniors through innovative and thoughtful care solutions.  

“We’re excited to partner with Watercrest at Mansfield and introduce our groundbreaking wellness services to their residents,” said Robert Rae, CEO & President of ClearWellness. “Watercrest’s innovative approach and dedication to fostering enriching environments for seniors perfectly complements our holistic vision. Together, we’ll set a new standard for elevated senior living experiences focused on comprehensive well-being.” 

The partnership with Watercrest at Mansfield directly aligns with the mission of ClearWellness to improve the lives of seniors and their caregivers. A unique blend of caring, knowledgeable Certified Health and Wellness Coaches and smart technology devices from ClearWellness will enhance the personalized services Watercrest can offer their residents, providing peace of mind to their family members and, ideally, extending their stays. 

“This partnership with ClearWellness is a thrilling step forward,” said Brooke White, Executive Director of Watercrest at Mansfield. “Their comprehensive, person-centered approach, bolstered by knowledgeable Health and Wellness Coaches and innovative technology solutions, aligns perfectly with our goal of enabling independence while prioritizing resident welfare. In this effort, we will create an empowering atmosphere where our residents can thrive and live life to the fullest with a profound sense of purpose.” 

Highlights of this new partnership include:  

  • Proactive Wellness Strategy: Our innovative integration of ClearWellness Health and Wellness Coaches and smart technology helps identify potential general health risks and changes in residents’ well-being, allowing for early intervention. 
  • Resident-Centered Experience: Personalized wellness plans and services to meet the unique needs of each resident, fostering social engagement, improving quality of life, and extending their length of stay.  
  • Enhanced Communication: The ClearWellness Community Dashboard provides an innovative tool to support Watercrest at Mansfield staff, along with a proprietary mobile app for families, providing greater insights into their family member’s wellbeing.  
  • Staff Optimization: Certified Health and Wellness Coaches provide an extension of Watercrest at Mansfield staff, helping reduce staff time demands and improving overall staff satisfaction.   

“Providing a vibrant lifestyle and superior care is at the core of what we do,” said Londa Gittens, Activity Director of Watercrest at Mansfield. “This partnership with ClearWellness will enable us to grant our residents an even greater sense of safety, security, and independence while providing their loved ones precious peace of mind.” 

For more information about ClearWellness, visit For more information about Watercrest at Mansfield, visit their website here 

About ClearWellness  

ClearWellness is a proactive wellness and lifestyle management service that pairs seniors with Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. Together, they develop personalized plans to maintain independence and a better quality of life. By supporting holistic wellness, the service provides a greater sense of safety and security for seniors and their caregivers.  

ClearWellness is a subsidiary of ClearCaptions, a leader in phone captioning services for those with hearing loss. 

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