ClearWellness: Redefining Senior Living Through Proactive Wellness

Formerly Vimient, this revitalized service seeks to revolutionize senior care through coaching and technology 

ROSEVILLE, Calif. June 24, 2024 ClearWellness, an innovative service pioneering proactive wellness and lifestyle management, is setting a new standard in the senior living industry. Formerly Vimient, ClearWellness has rebranded to reflect the company’s commitment to its core mission: helping seniors embrace wellness and live independently longer. This strategic rebrand embodies the company’s holistic service that builds human-to-human connections through a unique combination of coaching, technology, and 24/7 support to help seniors maintain independence and create a better quality of life.   

ClearWellness is a subsidiary of ClearCaptions, a leading provider of innovative call captioning services since 2011. These services for the hard of hearing have enabled countless seniors to stay connected with friends and family, regain their independence, and live a more meaningful life. Both ClearCaptions and ClearWellness are united under the “Clear” brand to empower seniors to live with confidence, dignity, and peace of mind. 

This rebranding comes at a pivotal time when the healthcare industry is experiencing a significant shift from traditional healthcare models to more proactive wellness approaches. According to a report from The Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry has grown 12% annually since 2020 and is forecasted to reach $8.5 trillion by 2027.  

A separate report from the Population Reference Bureau states the number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to increase 47% from 58 million in 2022 to 82 million by 2050. Additionally, this group’s share of the total American population is projected to rise from 17% to 23%. These eye-opening statistics emphasize the need for comprehensive wellness strategies that go beyond traditional medical care and reinforce the critical efforts of ClearWellness. 

“Our new name, ClearWellness, more accurately reflects our mission and values,” said Robert Rae, CEO & President of ClearWellness. “In an industry that often focuses on reactive healthcare, we’re pioneering a proactive wellness model that empowers seniors to take charge of their well-being and better maintain their independence over time. Our approach is clear: leverage personalized coaching and smart technology to ensure seniors live fulfilling lives while providing peace of mind for their families and caregivers.” 

The company’s innovative model has been particularly impactful in the senior living community space. Clint Clardy, Vice President of Sales at ClearWellness, explains, “Senior living communities realize that proactive wellness is not just an amenity, it is a necessity for maintaining independence and a better quality of life. By focusing on emotional, physical, and social well-being, we’re helping these communities transform from care facilities into vibrant, life-enriching environments. Our rebranding to ClearWellness solidifies our position as the go-to partner for senior living communities that prioritize holistic wellness.” 

As ClearWellness, the company reaffirms its commitment to protecting and empowering the well-being of seniors. While the name has changed, the mission remains steadfast: to create a world where every senior can embrace wellness as a way to live independently longer. 

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About ClearWellness     

ClearWellness is a proactive wellness and lifestyle management service that pairs seniors with Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. Together, they develop personalized plans to maintain independence and a better quality of life. By supporting holistic wellness, the service provides a greater sense of safety and security for seniors and their caregivers.    

ClearWellness is a subsidiary of ClearCaptions, a leader in phone captioning services for those with hearing loss. 

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