How Love and Communication Can Impact Your Health

Did you know that Valentine’s Day first occurred on February 14, 496 A.D.?  Although the origin of Valentine’s Day derives from a variety of sources, today we celebrate love in all forms with people and things we hold close to our hearts.  

They say love is the best medicine and we couldn’t agree more. There are a number of ways to stay on top of communication and boost your mental health by socializing with family, friends, and neighbors. Your furry companions are also there for you! Studies have shown that pets reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression! Whether it’s your family, friends, neighbors, senior living community or beloved pets that help you get your daily dose, it’s clear that communication plays a key role in promoting health and wellness.  


Communication is key

love and communication


Your mental health is influenced by how you communicate and connect with others. According to large scale studies in the United Kingdom, general practitioners that were surveyed said they saw one in five people a day that suffer from loneliness. Similarly, 200,000 seniors have not spoken to a friend or family member in over a month. This may be linked to a range of health problems like heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.  

Reduced communication is also commonly seen among seniors and people with hearing loss who find it difficult to communicate with friends and family regularly. This can increase the risk of social isolation and contribute to depression and loneliness, though regular socialization can play a key role in counteracting it! 

It’s important to maintain meaningful relationships and make room in your day to spend quality time together taking walks, playing board games or even having good old-fashioned conversation.  Whether it’s connecting with your family and friends, your care team or your community, you’re sure to see the benefits of socializing in no time! These benefits include:  

  • Reduces stress  
  • Promotes better cardiovascular health 
  • Increases your longevity  
  • Encourages a more active lifestyle  
  • Decreases your risk of depression and loneliness 
  • Improves your self-esteem 

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Can love and communication really help mental health?

love and communication in pets

Depression and loneliness are serious concerns for the senior community but love and communication can be great tools to help overcome barriers and promote better mental health, every day. Having a tight-knit group of friends can elevate the quality of your life simply by providing you with a support network you can rely on.  

Though strong communication encourages better mental health, it isn’t always a cure-all remedy. If you or someone you know may be depressed, talking to a doctor about the right course of action may help alleviate symptoms.  

However, positive connections with others can significantly reduce stress levels, enhance lives, and increase longevity. Senior Care Lifestyles suggests that having a deeper relationship can also increase the satisfaction and happiness you may experience. “Studies find that our brains are social organs, and we are hardwired to connect with each other and interact together.”  


You’ve got a friend in them! 

One of the most taxing aspects of aging is an increased risk of depression and loneliness. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), “Some estimates of major depression in older people living in the community range from less than 1% to about 5% but rise to 13.5% in those who require home healthcare and to 11.5% in older hospitalized patients.” So, how can you combat loneliness? Man’s best friend of course! 

Turn to your furry companion now. Did you mutter, “good girl or boy” under your breath? Well, you should! According to Pet Health Network, people who live with pets were 36% less likely to report loneliness. “Pet ownership could help spread feelings of social connectedness and significantly decrease feelings of isolation.” Pet owners rejoice! Your furry friends do more than you think.  

  • Pets reduce stress 
  • Pets increase productivity 
  • Pets help you manage anxiety 
  • Pets help you be more active 
  • Pets bring you happiness and joy 
  • Pets decrease loneliness 

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Stay on top of communication and continue to find joy through your family, friends, senior living community, neighbors and even your furry companions. Your relationships will continue to flourish, and your mental health will continue to thrive!  

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