Top 5 Tips to Help Your Parents Age in Place

When it comes to caring for your aging parents, perhaps you’ve discussed “aging in place”. If you haven’t, now is a good time to start. “Aging in place” refers to a senior choosing to live comfortably and confidently in the home that they love for as long as they can. According to AARP, nearly 90% of adults over 65 want to remain in their current homes as they grow older. By having honest, intentional conversations with your aging parent – and thanks to today’s technology – this is a decision that more and more seniors and their families are able to make.

These days, seniors are more active and engaged than ever. Many are living where they want and how they want; and they’re loving it. If your parents want to age in place, they can do it too! Here are our top 5 tips to help your aging parents live independently longer:   

Keep moving 

keep moving to age in place at home

Daily movement and simple flexibility exercises are key to ensuring your parents can age in place.  According to the CDC, adults older than 65 need at least 150 minutes a week (30 minutes a day, five days a week) of moderate-intensity activities. This includes activities such as a brisk walk, an exercise routine, or merely staying active in the home they love.

When the weather is nice, these exercises can be enjoyed outside in the fresh air and sunshine! For additional guidance, be sure your parents’ doctor agrees with their daily exercise routine. Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches can also help your aging parents set exercise goals and work to achieve them. 

Stay connected 

stay connected while aging in place

Staying connected can benefit your aging parents’ mental, physical and emotional health. According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), social connectedness can result in positive health benefits such as disease prevention, decreased anxiety, stronger immune system and improved cognitive function. Conversation with friends, family and others can help aging parents avoid becoming isolated and lonely.

That’s where ClearWellness service can also help. Our Certified Health and Wellness Coaches hold twice-weekly calls with our seniors to provide encouragement and guidance on their health and wellness. They also help find local connections to resources and events, further improving a senior’s social and emotional well-being. When seniors maintain a regular communication regimen, it’s easier for them to continue to live independently.  

Keep up with technology 

Keep up with technology while aging in place

Advances in technology allow connection via text, voice and video calls virtually anywhere!  Even if your aging parents struggle a bit with vision or hearing, there’s likely a technological solution to bridge that gap.  The goal is to incorporate the right amount of technology to enable your aging parent to remain active, aware and able, wherever and however they choose to live.

With ClearWellness, we utilize non-invasive smart devices that facilitate remote monitoring, so your aging parents can live confidently in the home they love. Plus, our ClearWellness Caregiver App provides family members with real-time updates of any changes in health so you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your loved one is healthy, happy and safe.  

Keep expectations in check 

expectations while aging in place

The simple truth is that aging means change—and that’s OK. How your parents age, the way they feel and the way they see the world around them means that they’ll be in a constant state of adaptation. Luckily there are many more options and opportunities available to help you and your parents adapt to these changes.

As a caregiver for your aging parent, it’s important to recognize your own capacity and limitations. Having candid conversations with your aging parents should be ongoing and ever-evolving conversations. Balance for both you and your aging parent is key to avoid caregiving burnout. And when you reach a point when you need an extra set of eyes to help care for your loved one, ClearWellness service is an ideal and affordable option to ensure they can continue to live independently.   

Keep on keepin’ on! 

The key takeaway here is to keep going. For aging parents, aging in place is about their decisions and determinations regarding how and where they live.  We live in a time of choice with control over how daily life will unfold and improve. If they need to make some modifications to their home to ensure it meets their needs as they age…no problem! Encourage your parents to keep going! By following these five tips, they’re more likely to be able to age in place in the home they love.  

Aging in place is a deliberate act and while it’s important for your parents to stay healthy and happy where they live, it’s also important to let them be in charge. Sure, there might come a time when they need or simply want some living assistance. Encourage them to stay active, connected and communicative. They’ll quickly discover that they have more to enjoy each and every day. 

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